Sending email thru SAP along with the body of the email

Asked by User143572
on 1/26/2003 11:35 PM

Dear Friends,

I have done the config for sending the email thru sap to the external. i am
able to send the invoices to the customer thru sendmail program from sap in
the .pdf format. Further i want to put a default message in the body of the
Can someone help in below problem.

“is it possible to send a standard text along with the email”

i.e. if u r sending an invoice to the customer thru sendmail from sap to
external email address. Can u send the standard msg as the body of the
email so that the email looks like a normal mail with a subject, a standard
body msg (dear customer, encl. pl. find ur invoice raised today. pl. pay
within 15 days. thanku) and an attachment (invoice).

thanx in advance


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Reply from shankar on 1/26/2003 11:57 PM
Dear Kapil,
Can you send me the detail process how you have configured
your sendmail.


Shankar …

Reply from User143572 on 1/27/2003 4:34 AM
Dear Shankar,

I am on version 4.6C.
We have done the complete config for sending invoices thru email in below
mentioned 2 steps

Step1 —– Basis Side Configs

1 Setting up RFC destination for outbound email using transaction SM59.
Connection Type : T
Description : Sending of email from SAP R3
Program : mlunxsnd (ALONG WITH COMPLETE PATH)
Target Host : Host name was provided

2 Setting up the node thru SCOT
node : name of the node
Description : Description of the node
Tick : Internet
Address Area : *
Conversion rule : OTF to PDF with Ranking 1 and function module
Tick : node is ready for use
Tick : Node supports:Connection tests, status,

3 Installed Sendmail software for windows (we are on windows with SQL)

Step 2 ——- Sales & Distribution module config

1 Configured the output type RD00 (delivery related output) with
communication medium “External send’ (Spro)
2 Maintaining the output type RD00 with external send in the billing
document (vf02)
3 Maintaining the customer email address in customer master. (vd02)

Dear eric,


if u r using ver 4.6c then Conversion rule can be defined from the menus
scot—->Settings—–>conversion rules

Dear shankar,

i have explained the complete procedure we are followed in configuring the

now can u tell me how can i send a body along with this email attachment.

kapil …

Reply from rockytauro on 1/27/2003 5:31 AM
Dear Kapil,
Is this sendmail for windows free software,if so from where can I
download it??

Pls reply

Thanks and Rgds.
Rocky …

Reply from User143572 on 1/27/2003 10:38 AM
Dear Rocky,

it is not free of cost but can be purchased at a nominal value of $50 from

kapil …

Reply from shankar on 1/27/2003 9:57 PM
Dear Kapil,
Thanks for your prompt reply. Actually I am new in
configuration. If any break through in sending mail, i will let you know.


Shankar …

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