System Messages – Purchasing, Inventory Management and Physical Inventory

System Messages – Purchasing, Inventory Management and Physical Inventory

Configure the system message for Inventory Management.

For every system message that appear, SAP allows you to control the response of the message.

If you want to prevent the user from further entry for a particular message, you can change it to message category

E – Error.
W – Warning re-confirms the entry. The user have to hit the enter key again to confirm the entry.

Message Category

* – No message
* W – Warning
* E – Error message


* OMCQ – M7 Inventory Managment and Physical Inventory
* OME0
o 06 Purchasing document
o SE External services : master data : service item
o ME Purchasing : general messages

An Example of using System Message
Problem in Purchasing documents
1) I had a problem while creating a P.O (Doc.type RO) referring the contract.The contract is a (WK) doc.type,value mentioned for 1 lakh, When I make a P.O referring the contract, i put Qty of items and Price in such a way by calculating, it exceeds the contract value,and the P.O gets posts and document is generated.

The sytem should not allow the P.O to post,when the contract value is exceeding..I am unable to understand where i have gone wrong.

2) The Purchase Requistion (Any Doc.type) is made and released.Immediately for cecking point of view i cancel the release
and do some changes and again tried to release the same It is not getting into release strategy.

Plesae help me out to get rid of above said problems.


The answer to your first problem is as follows:
You need to go into config(IMG): Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Environment Data -> Define Attributes of System Messages.
Double click on “System Messages”.
Find the message that corresponds to your problem: (e.g. Target value of contract & exceeded by & &) or (Target quantity exceeded by & &). In the column on the right side headed CAT set this to “E” for ERROR.
If you do this then when the target value or target quantity is exceeded an error message will appear. The system will then NOT allow you to exceed these quantities. Likewise if you only want to WARN the user that the value/quantity is being exceeded then set this to a W for warning.

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