Inter Plant Purchasing (Plant A buys from Plant B)

Inter Plant Purchasing (Plant A buys from Plant B)

Procedure Flow:-

* Buying Plant Create the Purchase Order type UB – Stock transport Order – transaction ME27
* Supplying Plant receive the Purchase Order and issue it to the transport warehouse once they have the required quantity – transaction MB1B – movement type 351 – Transfer posting to stock in transit from unrestricted use.
* Buying Plant receive the purchase quantity with transaction MB01 – Goods Receipt from Purchase Order.

Accounting document was created during the transfer posting – movement type 351.

Debit Buying Plant Inventory
Credit Supplying Plant Inventory

If there was a price difference (the same material have different price in the different plant), the lower price plant will be posted with the amount differences.

Example :-
Material Master – Costing View Material Price for Buying Plant 100
Material Price for Supplying Plant 150

The Accouting posting would be:-
Debit 12345 Buying Plant Inventory 100
Debit 67890 Price Difference for Stock Transfer 50
Credit 12345 Supplying Plant Inventory 150

The General Ledger Account Number was determine through the Material Valuation Class which was tied throught the Automatic Posting of Account Assignment. (Transaction OMWB then click Account Assignment)

Double click on the Description to check the General Ledger Account Number
Inventory posting BSX
Expense/revenue from stock transfer AUM

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