Important Tcodes of SAP MM Screen

Important Tcodes of SAP MM Screen

Screens in Material Master

Various Material Master Screen:

* MM01 – Create,
* MM02 – Change
* MM03 – Display
* MM06 – Flag for deletion.
* MM04 – Display the changes done to the material master.
* MMAM – Change the Material Type. for e.g. from FERT to HALB

Configure the Material Master Screen MM01 / MM02 / MM03

* OMSR – Assign the field to the field group
* OMS9 – Maintain the data screen field

Unit of Measure

In the material master, there is a Units of measure button for users to store in the different conversion rate. This sample program (ZUNT) extract the data from the unit of measure conversion table.

In the Material Master the moving average price are affected by:-

* Goods Receipt for Purchase Orders
* Transfer from Plant to Plant
* Invoice Receipt
* Settlement
* Price Change

Common configuration changes-

* Define new material group (OMSF)
* Define new valuation class (OMSK) and automatic posting (OBYC)
* Define new material account assignment group (transaction OVK5) and
* Customer/Material/Account keys (transaction VKOA)

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