Accounting document number range for MM

Accounting document number range for MM

Transaction OMW9

Document Type – Double click on desire transaction code to check the document type for number range.
(e.g. MR21 Document type – PR)

Financial accounting document type – Assign the document type to a number range and account type.
(e.g. PR – Account type allowed for posting will be MS)

* Double click on the document type PR.
* Assign an unique starting number range that was not used. e.g. 88
* Choose the Account type for Material and G/L account (MS)
* The rest of the fields are optional (you can leave it as blank)

SAP definitions for account type –

* A – Assets
* D – Customers
* K – Vendors
* M – Material
* S – G/L accounts

Number ranges for financial accounting document type – Assign the number range to the running number range.

No. Year (till) From number To number Current number Ext (no tick internal or tick external)
88 9999 8800000000 8899999999 Track by SAP Blank

Accounting document will be generated if there are stocks during price change, if you don’t have any stocks, no accounting document will be generated as there are no inventory to revaluate for price differences.

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