Configuring the Stock Transport Order

While I am doing Stock transport order I am getting the following

“Not possible to determine shipping data for material 4500012”

I have maintained the material 4500012 in both the plants.

I am not quite sure to what you are trying to say but the cross company Stock
Transport Orders can be done by:

– Configure using transaction OMGN

Depending upon the sending and receiving plants, maintain sales organization and
customer data in customizing.
– Maintain the supplying plant as a vendor and
attach the plant to the vendor in the Vendor Master.
– Material type has to
be HALB or HAWA.
– Ensure that the company with sales
Organization has a plant to take care of stocking.
– The PO used is NB and
not Stock Transfer PO.
   Configure SD for inter-company billing to enable
picking up the pricing procedure for billing.
– Carry Out delivery through
process delivery due list and billing through process billing due list.

Otherwise, You need  to configure your Stock Transport Order settings for
your Cross-Company:

Business Transaction to work.
1. Customer No. for the Goods
Receiving Plant – OMGN
2. Availability
Check- Checking Rule (if necessary) – OMGN

3. Assign a Delivery Type for the Delivering Plant – OMGN (for Stock Transport Orders, NLCC)
4. PO type
(which i belive you have done) – OMGN
Assign Vendor No. to the Supplying Plant (done) – VK02
6. Assign Customer No. to the Purchasing Plant
for the Inter-Compnay Invoice (but you need to assign this to the Sales
Organization pre-assigned to the Purchasing Plant),

IMG-SD-Billing-InterCompany Billing-Define Internal Customer No. by Sales
***and by the way for the Invoice to work between Cross-Compnay Plants,
you need also to have a Sales Org for the Supplying Plant and a Pricing
Determination Procedure.

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3 thoughts on “Configuring the Stock Transport Order

  1. ling

    I have the same errors, but after the setup these extra steps then problem may try..

    1)please check IMG->Enterprise Structure->Assignment->SD->assign sales org-distribution channel-plant

    2) check IMG->MM->purchasing->setup up STO-> define shipping plant
    –the plant needs to have a unique customer code of receiving plant, while setup that customer remember to input delivery plant under sales org data

    3) check IMG->MM->purchasing->setup up STO-> setup stock transfer between storage location->assign shipping points according to storage location

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  3. Message error “Not possible to determine shipping data for material xxx” ussually occured when u did not maintain your material in Sales Org. and Distr. Channel.
    Execute MM01 transaction and then fill up the Sales Org. and Distr. Channel.
    Then go to tab Sales: sales org.2 and fill up Acct assignment grp.
    There u go, now try again.

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