Serial Numbers and Materials

Serial Numbers and materials

Serialization is a way to keep track of individual items (material masters). When processing transactions, example Goods Receipt, Physical Inventory, etc.. you don’t just type in material and quantity but also the serial numbers of the individual items. Serial numbers is a unique number that identify an item. Example if quantity is 2, one need to indicate serial numbers of the two items. A report is available to show all movements for a spesific serial number.

Lets go through a simple example to do a Physical Inventory posting on a material where we activate serial numbers.

Setting up — Master data

A material is activated in Plant / Data Storage 2 view of material master. Field MARC-SERNP .The options (serialization profiles) are set up in configuration and define how it will be used (see below).

Name:  mm02.gif Views: 5308 Size:  26.8 KB

Using it in transactions

Lets look an an Inventory Management transaction for this material, transaction MI10 to do a stock adjustment and see where the serial numbers are used.

Name:  mi10.gif Views: 5256 Size:  26.4 KB

For this material, serialization is active, so the system force you to enter the serial numbers of the items, in this case the quantity was 2, therefore 2 serial numbers

Name:  mi10_serial.gif Views: 5242 Size:  12.1 KB

Lets look at stock overview — tcode mmbe and see if the serial numbers are visible.
Name:  mmbe1.gif Views: 5200 Size:  27.7 KB

Showing all the serial numbers
Name:  mmbe_2.gif Views: 5174 Size:  12.6 KB

Double clicking on the serial number take you to transaction IQ03 — serial number per material.
Name:  iq03.gif Views: 5212 Size:  26.9 KB

History of all inventory management transactions related to this serial number are visible by hitting the ‘History’ button
Name:  serial_history.gif Views: 5169 Size:  28.1 KB

Setting up — Configuration

IMG Menu: Sales and Distribution > Basic Functions > Serial Numbers > Determine Serial Number Profile – tcode OIS2
Name:  profile1.gif Views: 5143 Size:  19.8 KB

For every profile, one needs to specify the area in SAP where it will be used and how it will be used.
Name:  profile2.gif Views: 5152 Size:  34.0 KB

Serial number usage:
01 – None
02 – Optional
03 – Obligatory
04 – Automatic

Equipment required indicates if a equipment is required.
01 – Proposal without equipment
02 – always with equipment

SAP version used for this post: SAP ECC (ERP Central Component) 5.0

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  1. Sunil

    Can you tell me T-Code of Serial Number History?


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