Material Master Configuration

Material Master: Material Type configuration

SAP version used for this post: SAP ECC (ERP Central Component) 5.0

When creating a material, you need to specify the material type.
Name:  mm01_mtype.gif Views: 5867 Size:  10.4 KB

The Material type is the highest level of categorization of material masters.
Material Types defined in configuration and below is a summary of main areas that material type influence:

  • Number range of material master and if it is internal (system allocated) or external (user allocate number)
  • Which fields in material are mandatory / read only / optional
  • User departments (Views in material)
  • Purchase Orders allowed
  • Valid valuation classes
  • Quantity and Value update (does it update stock qty and value)
  • Is it a pipeline material or not
  • …. and many more

Standard SAP Material Types include:

ABF – Waste
CH00 – CH Contract Handling
CONT – Kanban Container
COUP – Coupons
DIEN – Service
ERSA – Spare Parts
FERT – Finished Product
FGTR – Beverages
FHMI – Production Resource/Tool
FOOD – Foods (excl. perishables)
FRIP – Perishables
HALB – Semifinished Product
HAWA – Trading Goods
HERS – Manufacturer Part
HIBE – Operating supplies
IBAU – Maintenance assemblies
INTR – Intra materials
KMAT – Configurable materials
LEER – Empties
LEIH – Returnable packaging
LGUT – Empties (retail)
MODE – Apparel (seasonal)
NLAG – Non-stock materials
NOF1 – Nonfoods
PIPE – Pipeline materials
PLAN – Trading goods (planned)
PROC – Process materials
PROD – Product groups
ROH – Raw materials
UNBW – Nonvaluated materials
VERP – Packaging
VKHM – Additionals
VOLL – Full products
WERB – Product catalogs
WERT – Value-only materials
WETT – Competitor products

The main configuration of material type is in transaction OMS2
IMG: Logistics > Material Master > Basic Settings > Material Type > Define Attributes (OMS2)
Name:  oms2_1.gif Views: 5848 Size:  17.6 KB

Name:  oms2_2.gif Views: 5813 Size:  26.4 KB

Some settings can be done per plant
Name:  oms2_3.gif Views: 5790 Size:  15.2 KB

This information resides in:
T134 – Material Type
T134T – Material Type: Text
T134M – Material Type: Valuation area data

For number range configuration, the transaction is:
IMG: Logistics > Material Master > Basic Settings > Material Type > Define Number range (MMNR)
Name:  mmnr_main.gif Views: 5775 Size:  5.8 KB

First create a Group
Name:  mmnr_group.gif Views: 5778 Size:  9.6 KB

Then link the material type to it
Name:  mmnr_group_type.gif Views: 5763 Size:  9.3 KB

This is the main settings of material type. In later articles, we will address other configuration that can be be done per material type.

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