Main Transaction Codes – IDOC

Main Menus
WEDI EDI Related Activities
BALE ALE Related Activities
SWLD Workflow Related Activities
SALE ALE Configuration
NACE Message Control Configuration

IDOC Definition
SE11 Data Dictionary
WE30 IDoc type editor
WE31 Segment editor
BD53 Reduction of IDoc types
WE60 Documentation for IDoc types
WE61 Documentation for IDoc record types

IDOC Monitoring
WE02 IDoc display
WE05 IDoc Lists
WE06 Active IDoc monitoring
WE07 IDoc statistics

Configuration(ALE and EDI)
BD54 Maintain logical systems
BD64 Maintain distribution model
BD71 Distribute Customer Model
BD82 Generate partner profiles
FILE Logical File Paths
PFTC Task Definition
PPOC Maintain Organization Structure
SM59 Maintain RFC Destinations
SWE2 Event Linkage
SWU3 Basic Workflow Settings
WE20 Partner profiles
WE21 Port definition
Run Time Workflow
SO01 SAP Inbox
SWEL Event Log
SWI1 Workflow Log
SWI2 Work Item Analysis
SWI5 Workload Analysis

Message Control
NACE Condition Record Maintenance
VOK2 SD Message Control Components
VOK3 Purchasing message Control Components
VOFM View Message Requirements
V/86 Condition Table Field Catalog
WE15 IDoc test: Outbound from MC

WE19 Test tool
WE12 IDoc test: Inb. Procg of Outb. File
WE16 IDoc test: Inbound File
WE17 IDoc test: Inbound status report

Reprocessing IDOCS
BD87 Process inbound IDocs
BD88 Process outbound IDocs

System Monitoring
SM12 Locked Entries
SM13 Update Monitoring
SM21 System Log Display
SM58 Transactional RFC Log
SM66 Debug Async Update Tasks
ST22 Dump Analysis

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