Handling unplanned delivery costs

By Madhurima
Unplanned delivery costs are not known at the time of purchase order creation and hence these are not specified in the purchase order. These are only entered at the time of vendor invoice posting. 
In the transaction MIRO, unplanned delivery costs can be entered as follows: 
These unplanned delivery costs can be either distributed to the individual items or to a separate G/L account. The configuration for the same is shown below: 
Go to SPRO -> Materials Management -> Logistics invoice verification -> Incoming invoice -> Configure how unplanned delivery costs are posted 
Following screen appears: 
Click on F4. 
Select the required value and click on Save. 
During automatic distribution to the invoice items, the amounts in the items are automatically increased by the delivery costs part when you post the invoice, and therefore are treated as price variances. However, the system does not perform a price check after automatically distributing the delivery costs. Unplanned delivery costs that were distributed to individual items are not listed separately in the PO history. They are already a part of the calculated value.

If the unplanned delivery costs are posted to a separate G/L account, the unplanned delivery costs are not debited to the stocks or the account assignment objects. The system does not show unplanned delivery costs that are posted to a separate G/L account, in the PO history. You can only post an invoice containing only unplanned delivery costs with reference to a purchase order, if at least one invoice has already been posted for the purchase order. Otherwise all the invoiced values would be zero, and it would not be possible to distribute the delivery costs. 

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