All The Tables In SAP MM Purchasing

Please find all tables in MM-PUR (Purchasing) :

EBAN  – Purchase Requisition 
EBKN  – Purchase Requisition Account Assignment 
EBUB   – Index for Stock Transport Requisitions for Materi
EINA    – Purchasing Info Record: General Data 
EINE     – Purchasing Info Record: Purchasing Organization D
EIPA     – Order Price History: Info Record 
EKAB   – Release Documentation 
EKAN   – Vendor Address: Purchasing Document 
EKBE    – History per Purchasing Document 
EKBEH – Removed PO History Records 
EKBZ    – History per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs 
EKBZH  – History per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs 
EKEH    – Scheduling Agreement Release Documentation 
EKEK    – Header Data for Scheduling Agreement Releases 
EKES     – Vendor Confirmations 
EKET     – Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines 
EKETH   – Scheduling Agreement Schedules: History Tables 
EKKI      – Purchasing Condition Index 
EKKN    – Account Assignment in Purchasing Document 
EKKO    – Purchasing Document Header 
EKPA     – Partner Roles in Purchasing 
EKPB     – “Material Provided” Item in Purchasing Document 
EKPO    – Purchasing Document Item 
EKPV    – Shipping-Specific Data on Stock Tfr. for Purch. D 
EKRS    – ERS Procedure: Goods (Merchandise) Movements to b 
EKUB    – Index for Stock Transport Orders for Material 
EORD    – Purchasing Source List 
EQUK    – Quota File: Header 
EQUP     – Quota File: Item 
T024      – Purchasing Groups 
T024E    – Purchasing Organizations 
T024W   – Valid Purchasing Organizations for Plant 
T024Z    – Purchasing Organizations 
T027A    – Shipping Instructions, Purchasing 
T027B    – Texts: Shipping Instructions 
T027C    – Codes for Compliance with Shipping Instructions 
T027D    – Compliance with Shipping Instructions: Texts 
T069       – Certificate Categories 
T069Q    – Control Data for Source Determination and Checkin 
T069T     – Certificate Categories: Text Description 
T160       – SAP Transaction Control, Purchasing 
T160B     – SAP Transaction Control, List Displays, Purchasin 
T160C    –  SAP Transaction Control for List Displays in CALL 
T160D    – Function Authorizations: Purchase Order 
T160E     – Function Authorizations: Purchasing: Descriptions
T160I      – Control of Intrastat Reports 
T160J     –  Text Table for Intrastat Reports 
T160L    –  Scope of Purchasing Lists 
T160M   –  Message Control: Purchasing (System Messages) 
T160O   –  Description of Scope of List 
T160P    –  Entities Table Routines 
T160Q   –  Scope of List: Buyer’s Negotiation Sheet: Routine
T160R   –  Routines for Buyer’s Negotiation Sheet 
T160S   –  Selection Parameters for Purchasing Lists 
T160T   –  Description of Selection Parameters 
T160V   –  Default Values for Purchasing 
T160W  –  Description for Default Values for Purchasing Ope
T160X   –  Scope of List: Buyer’s Negotiation Sheet 
T160Y   –  Scope of List: Buyer’s Negotiation Sheet: Descrip
T161      –  Purchasing Document Types 
T161A   –  Linkage of Requisition Doc. Type to Purchasing Do
T161B   –  Default Business Transaction Type for Import 
T161E   –  Release Codes 
T161F   –  Release Point Assignment for Purchase Requisition
T161G   –  Release Prerequisite, Purchase Requisition 
T161H   –  Fields for Release Procedure, Purchase Requisitio
T161I    –  Determination of Release Strategy 
T161M  –  Fine-Tuned Control: Message Types 
T161N  –   Message Determination Schemas: Assignment 
T161P   –  Check of Document Type, Document Category, Item C
T161R   –  REORG Control, Purchasing 
T161S   –  Release Indicator, Purchase Requisition 
T161T   –  Texts for Purchasing Document Types 
T161U  –   Texts for Release Indicator 
T161V  –   Shipping-Specific Data for Stock Tfr. for Purch. 
T161W –   Order Types for Stock Transfer 
T161Z   –   Additional Checks for Outline Agreements on Reorg
T162     –   Field Selection, Purchasing Document 
T162K  –   Field Selection, Account Assignment Fields, Purch
T162T   –   Description of Field Selection Reference Key 
T162X   –   Description of Field Groups from T162/T162K 
T162Y   –   Groups: Field Selection 
T163      –   Item Categories in Purchasing Document 
T163A    –  Check Item Category/Account Assignment Category 
T163B    –  Purchase Order History Categories 
T163C   –   Texts for Purchase Order History Categories 
T163D   –   Assignment Internal/External Confirmation Categor
T163E   –   Confirmation Categories 
T163F    –  Confirmation Categories: Descriptions 
T163G   –  Confirmation Control 
T163I     –  Texts for Account Assignment Categories 
T163K   –  Account Assignment Categories in Purchasing Docum
T163KS –  Assignment of Tax Indicator to Account Assignment
T163L    –  Confirmation Control Keys 
T163M   –  Confirmation Control Keys: Description 
T163P    –   Release Creation Profile 
T163S    –  Description for Release Creation Profile 
T163X   –  “Zombie” T163X 
T163Y   –  Texts for Item Categories 
T165K   –  Copying Options: Header Texts 
T165P    –  Copying Options: Item texts 
T166A    –  Supplement Text in Purchasing Document Printouts 
T166C    –  Print-Relevant Purchasing Document Changes 
T166K    –  Header Texts in Purchasing Document Printouts 
T166P     –  Item Texts in Purchasing Document Printouts 
T166T     –   Change Texts in Purchasing Document Printouts 
T166U    –   Headings in Purchasing Document Printout 
T167       –   Number Range Management for Purchasing Master Dat 
T167T     –   Transaction Description 
T168       –   Screen Control, Purchasing 
T168F     –   Function Codes, Purchasing 
T168T     –  Screen Titles 
T16FB    –  Release Indicators: Purchasing Document 
T16FC    –  Release Codes 
T16FD    –  Description of Release Codes 
T16FE     –  Descriptions of Release Indicators: Purchasing Do 
T16FG    –   Release Groups 
T16FH    –   Descriptions of Release Groups 
T16FK    –   Release Statuses 
T16FS     –   Release Strategies 

T030 – Valuation and Accounts

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