PO Upload thru BAPI

Using BAPI in LSMW
By Suresh Kumar Parvathaneni

Step-by-Step Guide for using BAPI in LSMW

Note! The screen prints in this article are from ECC 5.0. They may differ slightly in other versions.


This document details the usage of BAPI in LSMW. We have used the example of migration of the purchase order data into SAP.


It is assumed that the reader of this article has the minimum knowledge required on the Business Object, BAPI, Message Types and IDoc Types.

Step-by-Step Procedure:

Details of the BAPI used in this scenario:

Business Object: BUS2012

Method: CreateFromData

Details of Message Type and Basic IDoc Type:

Message Type: PORDCR

Basic IDoc Type: PORDCR02

Let’s have a look at the BAPI first, before proceeding to the LSMW:

Go to Transaction BAPI
Click on Search Button
Enter the value “BUS2012” and select “Obj.type(Technical Object Name”

Following screen appears:

On the left side of the screen, Expand the “PurchaseOrder”.
Select “PurchaseOrder” and double-click on the same for details.

Building LSMW using BAPI:

1. Go to Transaction LSMW.

2. Enter the Project, Subproject and Object information and click on CREATE.

3. Enter the descriptions for Project, Subproject and Object as prompted.

4. Now select Settings à IDoc Inbound Processing


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