How To Maintain The Fixed Vendor

As I know Fixed Vendor always maintained in source list, but is there any other place we can maintain the fixed vendor.
My PR is having 2 line items, non of them is maintained in source list but, one of them is automatically have fixed vendor number and info record when PR has generated by third party order.

Check the steps below:

1) you have check the source list indicator in material master purchasing view

2) than create the info record or contract

3) create the source list with contract or if info record is created than it will be for info record

4) make fix source in the source list

5) in Me51N screen you will see the source determination check box, this check box should be checked and you can default that by personal setting

6) now if you create the reqs you will see the source as per source list

BUT if you have checked the regular vendor check box in info record than your source list will not work.

See below:

Regular vendor – Specifies that the material is to be procured from this vendor at client level, i.e. for the entire corporate group.

If you set this indicator, the regular vendor is suggested as the only source.

If you wish to work with the source determination facility for purchasing documents, it makes sense not to set the indicator so that the system suggests all available sources, not just the regular vendor.

If you try to enter a different vendor than the regular vendor in the source list or quota arrangement, the system will issue a warning message.

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