How to Create Infoset Query (SAP Query)

Steps on how to proceed to create a Query:


A query can be created to extract information from master records i.e Infotypes. For example, by creating a query , the data relating to an employee contained in various Infotypes can be extracted.

Proceedure :
Decide on the various Infotypes we want to make the query. Decide on the area where we want to query i.e Global area or Standard area. Standard area is client specific and globel area will include all clients.

Menu : HR – PM – Admn – Information System – Adhoc Query

Select area standard and select the user group already created

Creation of new query :
TC SQ03 – Select Environment – Select Standard Area – Enter — If new user group is to be created, enter name of the user group, click on create and enter necessary information and exit after saving

TC SQ02 – Enter name of the Infoset – Create – enter name of Infoset – Data source — > Table join by basis table – give name of table e.g pa0000 – Enter – Click on insert table if we want to include more tables – give name of table one by one and after finishing, place cursor on the joining lines and right click to delete unwanted relationships – check – and go back – field groups – include all table fields – click on generate button – go out

TC SQ03 – Select user group – eg. Payroll

Infoset – Enter name of newly created Infoset

Assign users and Infosets – Assign infosets – put tick on payroll – save and go back

TC PAAH – Expand the nodes and put tick on relevant fields depending upon necessity

Save the query by giving the same name as infoset for easyness..

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One thought on “How to Create Infoset Query (SAP Query)

  1. Don

    How do I identify tables that are eligible to be included in a query? Most often the table name provided from help ends up to be a structure, therefore not usable.

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