SAP Important Tables

Material Management Tables

EINA purchasing Info record.
EINE Purchasing Info Record Purchasing Data.
MAKT Material description.
MARA General Material Data.
MARC Plant data for material
MARD Storage location Data for material.
MAST Material to BOM Link.
MBEW Material valuation
MKPF Header Material Document
MSEG Document segment material.
MVER Material consumption.
MVKE Sales data for material.
PKPF document header Reservation
TO23 Material Groups .
TO24 Purchasing groups .
T156 Movement Type

Purchasing Tables

EBAN Purchasing requisition.
EBKN Purchase requisition account assignment.
EKBE History per purchasing document.
EKET Scheduling agreement schedule lines.
EKKN Account assignment in purchasing document.
EKKO Purchasing document header.
EKPO Purchasing document Item.
IKPF Header Physical inventory document.
ISEG Physical inventory document items.
LFA1 Vendor master general data.
LFB1 Vendor Master (company Code)
RESB Reservation/Dependent requirement

MARD Storage location data for material.
( Important Fields)
MATNR Material Number (18C CT-MARA).
LGORT Storage location (4C)
LABST Valuated stock with unrestricted use (13 QUAN).
VMLHE Stock in transfer (from one storage location 2
another) (13 QUAN).
VNSHE Stock in quality inspection (13 QUAN)

MSEG Document segment material
(Important Fields)
MBLNR Number of matrial document (10C)
MJAHR Material document year.
ZEILE Item in material document.
MATNR Material number (18C CT-MARA).
WERKS Plant (4C CT-T001W).
KDPOS Item number is sales order(6C).
KDEIN Delivery schedule for sales order.
BUKRS Company code.

T001W Plant /Branches.
(Important Fields)
ANME1 NAme (30C).
EKORG Purchase organization (4C CT-T024E).
VSTEL Shipping /Rekieving port (4C).

EKKO Purchasing document header
( Important Fields)
EBELN Purchasing document number.
BUKRS Company code.
BSTYP Purchasing document category (1C).
BSART Purchasing document type (4C).
EKORG Purchasing organiation (4C CT-T024E).
EKGRP Purchasing group (3C CT-T024).
ANGNR Quotation number.
LLIEF Supplying Vendor (10C CT-LFA1).
KUNNR Customer number (10C CT-KNA1).
MEMORY Purchase Order not yet complete(1C).

T001L Storage Locations
(Important Fields)
WERKS Plant .
LGORT Storage location (4C) .
VSTEL Shipping /Recieving point (CT-TVST) .
VKORG SAles Organization (CT-TVKO).
VTWEG Distribution channel (CT-TVTW).
SPART Division (CT-TSPA).

MARC : Plant Data for material.
(Important Fields)
MANDT Client
MATNR Material Number
DISPR Material MRP Profile (4C).
DISPO MRP Controller (3C).
PRCTR Profit center (10C).
TRAME Stock in transit (QUAN-13).
STLAN BOM Usage (1C).

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