NAST: Consistency Check for Messages Like Print EDI

NACH TABLE Consistency

Using transaction MN03, you had updated Printer Determination tables.

Let us say, you had changed print medium from 1 to 6. Medium 1 is Print and medium 6 is EDI.

But, if you check NACH table (( NACH table contains details of print for each Condition Record from B016 table)) you can find that in the table NACH, print medium is still 1. It is not changed to 6.

To effect the change, you have to run the program,RSNASTCK.

Short text
NAST: Consistency Check

Consistency check

Checking Customizing settings for output control

1. Enter a valid application ID (for example, V1, EA, EF)

2. Choose whether all procedures or only the active procedure should be checked

3. Optional: enter additional criteria for determining the active procedure (for example, document type)

Structured display of all messages, including navigation options and additional interactions.

In the displayed list, additional interactions are possible. By choosing the detail icon, you can go to the relevant settings in Customizing.

You can check the access sequence by choosing the detail icon. The system displays a popup with the appropriate message. By choosing the detail icon, you can go to the condition table (display mode) and to Customizing.

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