Vendor Evaluation


I want to have multiple addresses of a vendor – for ex: mailing, shipping, payment remittance, several billing addresses, etc. Suppose we have 25 addresses for one company, what is the best way without creating 25 separate companies and their addresses?
A: You can solve this problem by using Partner functions. Using Transaction WOLP, Partner roles and partner schemas at vendor level and purchasing Document level can be defined. Create as many vendor numbers as required (say 25 -in this case) and assigning to the respective partner roles.


The source list is created for a material ie. source list required is marked. When a PO is created a different vendor can still be selected and even if ‘fix’ indicator in source list is marked, system only shows warning msg. How can we fix a purchase order to only a fixed vendor for a material ?
A1: Try changing the warning message into an error message. Note the message number. Then use menu
OLME -> Environment-> system message.
A2: Tick the indicator “Source List” in the material master (purchasing view) By ticking this, the procurement would be only possible from sources specified in the source list. You may also think of making the field mandatory in the material master.


We want the Vendor code as ‘abc1234’ where first 3 characters are alpha and the last four digits are digits serial numbers. What is the solution?
A: Use an user exit. With this user exit, you can check but can not force the user to enter the value correctly.


We want to set up a Preferred Vendor list to enable users to determine the Vendor to be called for the material required while raising the Requisition. What is the best way?
A: Use Transaction ME01 to Maintain Source List. At the preferred vendor, click the Fix check box. By this preferred vendor is automatically assigned whenever ‘Follow on function’ is called for your PR (Create PO).


What is the SAP standard way for deleting all the vendors centrally from the system?
A: 1. Mark vendors for deletion: XK062.
2. Run SAPF047 which creates an entry in an internal SAP table which is used later
3. Run SAPF058. Check “General Master record” and “MM Data” boxes on, “Test Run ” off. Enter Purchase Organizations.
4. Run SAPF058. Check “General Master record” and “FI Data” boxes on, “Test Run ” off. Enter Purchase Organizations. ABAP programmer can create an ABAP program to do it.

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