Inventory Management – Some Questions


Q: How can we

create one inventory doc with all your materials to count instead of generating one doc for each material?
A1: You can carry out transaction MI01 – by referencing your plant & storage location. You can then enter as many inventory materials as you want.


Set maximum number of items to say 50 using Transaction MICN. The same can be preset using transaction OMCN.


How is GR/IR account related to Inventory?
A: If you are involved with inventory, then you need the GR/IR account (Inventory Account) when the IR is posted.
If you are not involved about inventory, then the system does not need the GR/IR account when the IR is posted, the system needs a G/L instead of the GR/IR account.


We tried RMCB0300 to find out logical value for stock item by date. But after re-valuation, stock value is supported by month instead of date. How can we find the logical value for stock item by date?
A: Use Transaction MC49
Menu path :
1. Information systems -> Logistics -> Inventory management->Material -> Document Evaluations -> Stock value -> Mean inventory or
2. Logistics -> Logistics controlling -> Inventory Controlling Environment -> Document evaluations -> Stock value -> Mean Stock Value.


How can we transfer stock from one vendor to another vendor?
A: DO 542 and then 541 to the new vendor.

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